Consistent flavors and freshness in every spice, every blend, every time. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the finest spices and herbs on time to you. Our most important priority is, and will always be the commitment to our customer’s satisfaction and their success. In that endeavour, we offer three industry’s leading services:
B2B Supply Chain   |   Exports   |   Private Labelling.

Export Spices

Once valued as high as gold, spices have a history as gold as civilization itself. They have been used for ages throughout Asia, Arabic, and the Mediterranean region. Specifically, Indian Spices have been subject of delight for culinary experts from all over the globe.

Spices share eniable shelf space in kitchens globally & excitement to every meal. They are integral to your meal and contribute aroma, taste, flavour, colour and pungency to it.

Millions ok Kilos are now imported globally every year & an approx. half of this supply comes from India. India's Spices export has shown spectacular growth in the global market within a short span.

StarZing, are exporters of Indian Spices, an ISO 22000, ISO 9001 Company and FSSAI & HALAL License holder for its products that have set a benchmark with exemplary quality.


B2B Supply Chain

We are direct Manufacturers serving hundreds of businesses for more than 20 years.

No matter what size your operation is, StarZing will meet all your spice and seasoning needs with flexibility, integrity and great quality. We scour every corner of the globe to present to you the freshest spices. Our unparallel food safety, quality and integrity in our products are the source of our uniqueness.



Private Labeling

Looking to uplevel your product line? When you partner with StarZing, we do the work and you enjoy the five-star reviews that keep customers coming back again and again.


StarZing will give your product line the fresh vibrant new look your brand is looking for. Our library of more than 100 premium spices, blends, and ingredients make for a creative assortment of white label options.


  • Time-tested spices, blends, and ingredients of unsurpassed quality and consistency.
  • Adapt quickly to changing food patterns.
  • A trusted partner to help grow your brand.

Ready to get started on your next Private Label project? Reach out! We're ready to help bring your brand to the next level.